Membership at Crawley Forest Probus

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Why Join?

Life is an adventure, no matter your age and we at Probus love to organise activities to keep our bodies active, our minds engaged and our horizons widened. Taking part in activities as a group is just more fun and often much better value!

If life after retirement seems a little dull for you, or you’re missing some of the camaraderie you had in your working life, Probus might be a good answer for you. Come and meet with a group of men from all walks of life with a common goal: keeping busy and active!

If you are interested in joining us, we invite you to a free lunch to come and meet us all. If you would like to take part, please call our Club Secretary, Peter Carling on 01293 537503 or email Peter at

This is a unique opportunity to try a new venture, make new friends and participate in something different: It may be just the opening you’ve been searching for!

Membership Information

The membership fee of Probus Crawley Forest is £252 per annum or £21 per month by Standing Order.  Our monthly meeting takes place on the 2nd Thursday of every month at the Hawth Theatre Restaurant at 11am and includes lunch after the guest speaker has finished.  Our members often arrive early and enjoy a coffee and a chat before the meeting starts.

During the monthly meeting, we discuss our upcoming sporting/social activities, planned events, club finances, etc. and once the business is taken care of, we are entertained by a variety of guest speakers who will present a talk on a variety of interesting subjects.

Members will suggest and then organise a variety of activities to take part in, ranging from games of golf and bowls, planned walks, special outings and visits to landmarks and places of interest. We’ve even been known to venture abroad!

We have a yearly meeting each March and prestigious events to be enjoyed are the Club’s Christmas dinner and the popular Ladies’ summer lunch for members’ wives and partners.

Once you join Probus, you will receive a Member’s Pack, containing the details of all club members, the club’s committee and Chairman.


President: Peter Saunders
Vice President: Nick O’Grady
Immediate Past-President: Ray King
Secretary: Peter Carling
Treasurer: Bill Doidge
Activities Co-ordinator:  
Welfare Officer: Alan Rew
Speaker Officer: Bob Johnson


Book Examiner:

David Henley


Kevin Eason

Walks Co-ordinator:

David Peters


Tom Leahy

Directory Co-ordinator:

Derrick Beeby

Website Co-ordinator:

Mike Turner


Neil Hoey




1992  George Bremner 2001  Brian Monk 2010  Ken Barnett
1993  Ron Cooper 2002  Alan Haywood 2011  Ken Newcomb
1994  Kevin Little 2003  David Henley 2012  Bill Painter
1995  Harry Barker 2004  Trevor Dobinson 2013  Gordon Skidmore
1996  Richard Aldridge 2005  Tom Bennetts 2014  Gordon Kennedy
1997  Ken Grant 2006  Bill Doidge 2015  Derrek Beeby
1998 Tony Roberts 2007  Louis Maule-Cole 2016 Roger Molesworth
1999 Rob Warren 2008 Leslie Hobbs 2017 Peter Greenland
2000  Douglas Russell 2009 Colin Barnaby 2018 Ray King