The PROBUS Club of Crawley Forest is an organisation set up and run for and by retired or semi-retired professional and business men, looking to take part in lots of different activities with like-minded people.  Retirement should be just the beginning! social-crawley

The  History of the Crawley Forest Probus Club

The name Probus was derived from the first 3 letters of both PROfessional and BUSiness. Crawley Forest Probus Club is one of the oldest clubs in the county, having been formed back in 1992,  We will be celebrating our 30th Anniversary in 2022! Like all Probus groups, we are made up of semi-retired and retired business men from all walks of professional life, from Doctors, Accountants and Engineers to Technicians and Civil Servants.   Even though our backgrounds and life experiences are varied, we share common values. As a club we pride ourselves on being friendly and welcoming to all.  Our members are outgoing and adventurous, relishing each other’s company and life experiences and sharing together in all the challenges life brings.  Our monthly meetings are held at The Hawth in Crawley on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Interested in becoming a member? Contact our secretary via email on

We are still working on the Crawley Forest Probus website but please contact the Secretary on the email address above if you require more information. Crawley probus



President Peter Greenland
Vice-President Derrick Beeby
Treasurer Bill Painter
Secretary Peter Carling
Welfare Officer Vice-President
Activities Co-ordinator President


Book Examiner Bill Doidge
Gatekeeper Bill Doidge
Walks Co-ordinator David Peters
Speakers Organiser Bob Johnson
Bowls Alan Rew
Snooker Peter Greenland
Website Co-ordinator Secretary



1992  George Bremner 2001  Brian Monk 2010  Ken Barnett
1993  Ron Cooper 2002  Alan Haywood 2011  Ken Newcomb
1994  Kevin Little 2003  David Henley 2012  Bill Painter
1995  Harry Barker 2004  Trevor Dobinson 2013  Gordon Skidmore
1996  Richard Aldridge 2005  Tom Bennetts 2014  Gordon Kennedy
1997  Ken Grant 2006  Bill Doidge 2015  Derrick Beeby
1998 Tony Roberts 2007  Louis Maule-Cole 2016 Roger Molesworth
1999 Rob Warren 2008 Leslie Hobbs 2017 Peter Greenland
2000  Douglas Russell 2009 Colin Barnaby 2018 Ray King
2019 Peter Saunders    
2020 Nick O’Grady    
2021 Nick O’Grady    
2022 Peter Greenland