Information about the Crawley Forest Probus

Crawley Probus Club is an organisation set up and run for and by retired or semi-retired business men, looking to take part in lots of different activities with like-minded people.  Retirement should be just the beginning!



The  History of Crawley Forest Probus

The name Probus was derived from the first 3 letters of both PROfessional and BUSiness.

Crawley Forest Probus club is one of the oldest clubs in the county, having been formed back in 1992,  we will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary in 2017!

Like all Probus groups, we are made up of semi-retired and retired business men from all walks of professional life, from Doctors, Accountants and Engineers to Technicians and Civil Servants.   Even though our backgrounds and life experiences are varied, we share common values.

As a club we pride ourselves on being friendly and welcoming to all.  Our members are outgoing and adventurous, relishing each other’s company and life experiences and sharing together in all the challenges life brings.  Our monthly meetings are held at The Hawth in Crawley on the 2nd Thursday of each month.  To find the location of The Hawth, please click here

Interested in becoming a member of Crawley Forest Probus? Contact via email


We are still working on the Crawley probus website but please see Events and Programme pages or contact the email address above if you require more information.

Crawley probus

Crawley probus